Raves for John’s Teaching

John Carney is acclaimed as one of the finest magicians in the world, and one of the finest teachers. His books, Carneycopia and The Book of Secrets, are considered by many to be modern classics.




John’s books, videos, and seminars include stage and close-up magic using cards, coins, cigars and a variety of everyday objects. Each routine is a lesson in itself, containing the insights and ingenuities that have made John one of the premier teachers in the world, of advanced sleight of hand. There is not “dry as dust,” academic “theory”. Every lesson contains practical application in the real world.



Topics include presentation, routining, misdirection and creativity.




“One of the best lectures I have ever seen … excellent advice … His tricks are superlative…an expert in pure sleight of hand.”
Dai Vernon

“John is truly a man who understands magic.”

Tommy Wonder

“Carney has rediscovered and reinvented classic platform magic. He talks to you like a guy, a mentor, a tough-love teacher. He doesn’t expect you to come to him with a 5th degree Elmsley-Aronson black belt. But he does expect you to love magic as much as he does, and be willing to earn your miracles.”


“One of the top magicians around. A great creator, student and performer.”

Charlie Miller

“Here is a real insight into the way John thinks about magic, the way he combines past inspirations with current motivations, and the continual process of searching, trying, experimenting, and improving to find the best result. It’s more than just a new format for a magic book; It’s made me think about magic in a new way.”

Jim Steinmeyer

“His ideas are refreshing and his routines are beautifully executed. I recommend him highly!”

Michael Skinner

“In the past few years I have drifted away from being a true student of magic. John Carney has rekindled that flame. To have regained this feeling is a gift. And that’s what The Book of Secrets is, it’s a gift to magic and magicians. It has my highest recommendation.”

Mike Close

“John’s routines are ingenious. I respect and admire his artistry.”

Derek Dingle

“Whether you are an amateur or professional, you will derive both knowledge and inspiration from a Carney lecture. This young man has the happy ability and the genius to impart it!” 

Faucett Ross