Hot Tip for Magicians with Dry Hands.


January 2016
Dai Vernon would perpetually lament his dry hands, and chant, “It’s a curse, it’s a curse!” 
I never thought I would have this problem, as I always had naturally moist skin. But age, and cold, dry weather often make it difficult for me to palm cards, coins, or other objects without them squirting out of my hand, or make it difficult to subtly push, grip, or otherwise gain purchase on objects in manipulation.
I have tried every conceivable cream, salve, unguent, and moisturizer in my search for the proper gripping power. 
Most hand creams are greasy, and have the opposite effect you want. I’ve even tried dozens of other things that would not normally be used as hand cream. Vaseline, hair gel and hair spray, aloe gel, lemon juice, and many other unconventional things. To my embarrassment, I’ve even tried a lady’s product called Vagisil. 
I had moderate success with a product called Golden Touch, which was Vernon’s favorite. Another old world product is Corn Husker’s lotion. Others have had success with Sortkwik Fingertip Moisteners, used by bank tellers to count money. 
But perhaps my search is over, because I have happily found one of the best solutions … Chalk. 
Gymnasts and rock climbers typically use a chalk bag to apply a thin coat of chalk to their hands, so they can grip the crags or bars, without slipping, or sticking. But the powder version is too messy.
There are several brands of “liquid” chalk … here’s one I tried and it really does make a difference. I’ve seen the same product on different sites at a higher price …. you can find it on amazon too.
Mammut Chalk
This stuff is “the shizzle”… works very well with just a dime size spot rubbed into the hands. 
The grip is good and it will last the duration of your show. The one drawback is that if not evenly distributed, it may leave a slight visible white residue.
If your hands are naturally moist, don’t bother. But if you are frustrated with dry hands, give it a try.

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