The Master Sessions


(4 DVD set)
A course in Magic Thinking



The Master Sessions, hasĀ been beautifully produced by Frankie Glass and Jim Steinmeyer, and contain complete sleight of hand lessons with a variety of objects.

Here, you will learn the why and how, the real secrets. These lessons teach universal principles, using specific examples from well-crafted routines. Only a few of the pieces have appeared in print, and almost none have appeared on video.

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The Master Sessions Disc 1 (Winter)
Exchanged, Expanded and Extracted
Is That a Real Mouse?
Coins in the Mist
Off Ring
Current Classic
Versa Visa

The Master Sessions Disc 2 (Spring)
Four Gone
Four Gone Extra Tips
Carneydo: Karate Coin
Ambitious Aces
Slow-Mo Coins

The Master Sessions Disc 3 (Summer)
Cards Undercover
Crystal Flash
Hot Slot
In Hands Monte

The Master Sessions Disc 4 (Fall)
Muscade Magic
Foote Forward Rise
Coins, Here to There
Table of Contents (For All 4 DVDs)

Each disc offers over an hour of John’s lessons in magic, with inside tips, practical routines,
and masterful touches on audience handling.

Together these four DVDs contain classic, modern, entertaining magic that you’ll use over and over again