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Lessons for all who wish to understand the art and science of misdirection

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John Ramsay was one of the world’s greatest exponents of visual and psychological misdirection. His most famous application of these ideas was in his brilliant Cylinder and Coins and Coins in the Hat. John Carney is one of Ramsay’s greatest admirers, owing much to that master teacher. In this enlightening video, John offers his insights and interpretations of the Ramsay technique, explaining concepts which may be applied in tricks of every description, from close-up magic to stage illusion. Here are the real secrets of sleight of hand; how to effectively apply knowledge of the machinations of the spectator’s mind and eye toward a more perfect illusion. These are lessons for all who wish to understand the art and science of misdirection.


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What they are saying...

Dustin Stinett
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One of the best - if not the best - teachers in magic ... [provides] the tools needed to do great sleight of hand with coins. It gets my highest recommendation.
David Leonard
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... thoughtful and insightful ... the knowledge I've gained goes far beyond vanishing a coin. This is one of the very few DVDs I will watch again and again.
Jerry Dunn
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New to coin magic? This DVD will save you from making the first 25 mistakes, putting you on the right path. Been doing coin magic for decades? You’ll enjoy seeing more than two dozen vanishes done perfectly, and refine your misdirection. John's friendly, avuncular teaching style, make this a great resource for all magicians.
John Carey
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It's like having John hanging out with you giving personal instruction. His discussion on focus and being relaxed can and should be applied to all branches of our craft. Quite simply stated, this DVD is a masterclass from a true master of his craft. Worth 10 times the money.
James Hargrave
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There are lots of magic videos today with dramatic music, cool edits, lots of sizzle, and even more hype. "Vanishing Coins" delivers the steak. This is a mother load of thoughtful and mature instruction and advice for real-world workers. Thanks!
Rudy Sanchez
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Can't get a better teacher on sleight of hand then John Carney..
Terry Terrell
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Camera work is outstanding on the close up shots of your hands. Like you are standing right in the room.
Brian Blaise
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… from the timing to the misdirection, the focusing of attention, and the little nuances … pure GOLD!!
Newell Unfried
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This like all of John's teachings is outstanding. A private lesson would cost at least 3 times as much and you might get one or two moves. It is so worth it.

Do NOT pass this up if you are serious about your magic.
Bennie Weber
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Fantastic, just finished my 1st viewing.

John is one of our TREASURES!
Chris Ocnarb
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Incredible DVD!

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