Achieving the Impossible
Don’t waste your money on boring business events. People don’t remember facts and charts, they connect and remember ideas they emotionally experience. John Carney does this with fun, surprises, and by incorporating the participation of the audience into his talks, creating memorable impressions.

In his compelling talks, Carney combines humor, showmanship and amazing sleight of hand into a message that is informative and entertaining.



Creative Courage 
Magic is the ultimate in hard and soft thinking. Magicians literally dream the impossible, then create a way to make it happen! John reveals how he generates solutions to create his illusions, methods that are applicable in your workplace.  He teaches us to dare to dream, trust our muse, and be open to fantastic ideas.

Carney reveals how to turn our goals and vision into reality, by boosting the natural creative abilities that we often tune out. Problems become an adventure in discovering our true potential.




Perception Shapes Potential
Beliefs drive our behavior and performance. Carney’s 30 years of experience has made him a master of the power of perception. Here he teaches us how to create a new reality, rather than be a slave to our limited thinking. This new attitude releases us from our fears and other illusions that rob us of our potential for personal growth.

Carney provides valuable tools that give us the power to embrace change as opportunity, overcoming resistance, and develop new habits for success with a positive paradigm for the future.



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