Legerdemain – #1 Suite for Coins and Handkerchief



     If you are looking for intimate showpieces, with lots of great visual magic, routines that pack small and play big, look no further than John Carney’s LEGERDEMAIN series

Issue One Suite for Coins & Handkerchief 

     Here is a commercial routine, with a variety of visual effects, and a deceptive mix of methods. In one routine, you have productions, vanishes, penetrations, and transportations, practically every effect possible with coins. Each piece compliments the others, with a sum greater than the individual parts.      Carney presents a cohesive routine with a beginning, middle, and a satisfying finish, combining streamlined elements of Vernon’s Silk and Silver, Jennings’ Coins and Handkerchief, and Ramsay’s coin work, along with John’s expert routining, twists and touches.   
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New Issues in the Works

     In the works for the Legerdemain Series in the coming year;  Downs’ Coin Masterpiece, Parlor Ace Routine, Ultimate 3 Card Monte, and a baffling Card Stab using the four Aces. 

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