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The Cups and Balls has always been considered a real test of a magician’s ability. Professor Hoffmann called it “the groundwork of all legerdemain.” Performing the routine with ordinary coffee cups presents it’s own challenges, but also creates a deeper mystery due to it’s impromptu appearance.

Here is a streamlined, clear, and deceptive routine, with several new techniques that set it apart from other routines. Particularly interesting is that none of the traditional vanishes are used!

Borrowing concepts from Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller, and Mike Skinner, Carney has blended them into his own unique and deceptive take on the classic. Covered here are not only novel techniques, but expert lessons in misdirection, body language, timing, and naturalness.

John is considered not only one of the world’s finest exponents of sleight of hand, and also one of it’s best teachers. Both novice and expert level will find lots of tips, subtleties, and thinking, that if applied, will transform not only your routine, but all your magic. As a bonus, John demonstrates many of his touches for Dai Vernon’s classic routine.

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What they are saying...

Dave Leonard
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Mr. Carney you never disappoint, I'm a amateur/hobbyist yet found this to be effective, practical and best of all doable. The subtleties and presentation tips will continue to make me a better magician. Thanks so much, Dave
Terry Terrell
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“Again, great camera work to give the viewer every nuance needed. John's routine with coffee cups is a joy to watch because it's not the typical cups and balls props. He even has new moves to get past the hand to hand transfer before the vanish.
David Jones
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“I'm delighted with my purchase. The routine with the tea cups is certainly interesting, but the highlight for me is your handling of the Vernon routine. Your changes make a lot of sense to me, and your advice on how to cover the final loads is the best I've ever seen.”
Richard Green
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“After three viewings, I have to tell you this is fantastic! Both routines are beautifully thought out and constructed!”

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